Monuments & Memorials

Make Your Memorial a Tribute to Your Loved Ones

Create a Lasting Memory in a Beautiful Stone

There's no better way to preserve the memory of a loved one than by honoring them forever with a beautiful marble monument. The craftsmen at Classic Granite & Marble take the special care and attention you need when carving your stone, and deliver the exceptional customer services that is expected from the area's leading industry professionals. 

Whether you need cemetery headstones or memorials, our highly trained staff can provide you with all. Our team has been in the business since 1995. FREE consultations are available.

Personalize Your Remembrance

  • Cemetery headstones
  • Monuments
  • Memorials
  • Custom etching
  • Sculpted reliefs

Our Designers Work Directly With You

We believe it's very important to provide our clients exactly what they've asked for. We do this by having our professional designers work directly with you to understand your
stylistic preferences and budget. There's nothing you can't create with our help.
Call us today to learn about our monuments and memorials.
Our professional team will help you find and craft the perfect stone to memorialize a loved one.

We make house calls too!
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